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Alumni Testimonials

The lecturers are pious and ready to help the students. I am lucky to be a student of IIUCS. Armed with the knowledge of al-Quran and al-Sunnah that I learned, it made me confident to preach now.
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Mohd Elyas Ismail
Training & Motivation Specialist, TV Celebrity

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Here, I am given the space to gain knowledge of management from a western perspective and also from the angle of al-Quran & al-Sunnah. I am now able to apply the knowledge gained in my career path.
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Noor Hajja Abdullah
Senior Human Resource, Acmar International

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The Islamic atmosphere of IIUCS is good and easy to adapt. It is a very good place for learning for students who want a balance of the living world and the hereafter. My experience and learning at KUIS is an experience that will never be forgotten.
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Syed Salleh Alhabshi
Eksekutif Securities Commission Malaysia(SC)

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My work demands to listen and give advice from a shariah and legal point of view. The experience I gain at IIUCS has helped me a lot. My career started from my education at IIUCS and wherever I go, IIUCS will continue to be my pride.
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Faridah Mat
Peguam Syarie, di Tetuan Sharif Rldzuan & Co.

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I continued my studies at IIUCS by surrendering to Allah. In the past, KUIS was unknown, but now IIUCS graduates work in reputable private companies such as Media Prima, Astro and Al-Hijrah.
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Muhammad Uqbah Ahmad Termizi
Video Editor, Layar Consult

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All the knowledge that are given are very useful in addition to the atmosphere of Islamic etiquette that has been applied. Now I can preach by handling Islamic TV programs. Hopefully this benefit can be shared in its reward to my lecturers.
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Muhammad Thoriq Dato’ Hj. Muhammad
Pengarah Urusan, El Kahfi Sdn. Bhd.

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